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Meet My New BFF The Facebook Pixel {Beginners Guide}

Blogger’s It’s Time To stop Hating on Facebook and Learn To use it to scale your business. Meet My New BFF The Facebook Pixel!

Facebook Pixel For Bloggers

Meet my NEW BFF The Facebook Pixel!!!!

I absolutely HATE FB but guess what It’s the NO.1 Tool for selling your products & advertising. It is the ONLY social Media Platform that can track visitors to your website (using the Pixel) and then let you use that information to SELL to those people who visited your site!!!! WOW can you believe it!!

You have probably been retargeted yourself…how many times have you been looking at a website & then later seen an add for what you were just looking at… SPOOKY! Well it’s not a coincidence, it’s the Facebook Pixel!

If you’re serious about upscaling your business it’s time to make friends with Facebook and with this little PIXEL! So no more hating on FB learn to Love your page and be BFF with the PIXEL!

Facebook Pixel Bloggers Best Friend

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What is the Facebook Pixel?

Have you ever seen a little icon </> at the end of a URL bar? Then you’ve already met the FB Pixel!
Basically the FB Pixel is a snippet of code that you paste into your website. It then helps you track your website users and optimize your FB ads to build an audience of relevant ‘customers’.


Why Do I Need The Facebook Pixel?

You may be starting out on your blogging to business transformation and making little to $0. Well we all started somewhere!

But if you want to start earning money from your digi-hustle, with marketing and advertising in the future, then this is the one FREE tool that can help you convert your website traffic into $$$.

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Benefits Of A Pixel For FaceBook Advertising

Having a Pixel will help you monitor how your customers and fans interact with your website. This information can be used as part of your marketing strategy.

The Pixel will help you maximize your advertising budget, big or very small (like mine) so that you can find your ‘ideal’ customers on Facebook. It’s like having your very own market research team helping you find YOUR perfect customers.

There’s nothing worse than spending hours creating a beautiful ad, writing great copy in 95 characters or less…(I suck at that!) to see that nobody is clicking on it let alone buying what you’re selling. The Pixel will change that for you.

How To Create Your Facebook Pixel

Effective Facebook Ads

Over time the pixel gets to know your website visitors. You can use that information when you place an ad, to find people just like them. So your awesome products and services will be shown to people who are interested! Sweeeet!

The pixel takes time to grow and mature so even though you’re thinking “hey this is toooooo techy for me and I can’t use FB ads!”Just add it ASAP so that when you’re ready to learn about Ads BOOOOM! you’ll get awesome results! Pinky Promise!!!
You’ll have a Pixel that is mature and knows so much about your ideal audience. You can then use that information to retarget your visitors and lookalike audiences!


Pixel tracking allows you to show targeted ads to people who have already visited your website. You have probably had this happen to you. Have you ever been looking on a website for something… like business cards, then a few hours later gone into FB and seen an Ad for business cards from the website you have been looking at? Yes… me too! I then usually go back to that site and buy the thing I was looking at! This is RETARGETING!


Facebook pixel Icon
Meet The FB Pixel. Have You Already Met?

Create Lookalike Audiences

One of the hardest things about having an online business is finding NEW customers to keep that income flowing in. The Facebook Pixel can help you with that…. WHAT?

You can use the tracking data in your Facebook Ads to help you create a new lookalike audience. So no more guessing about the age, interest and location of your customers, the FB Pixel will find New customers for you.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Track Purchases & Conversions

One of the nifty features of the Pixel is that it can be used to track how well your ad is performing. You can see how people interact with your ad and what they do next on your website. This means you can see if customers are clicking through to buy on your website. If they are , excellent! If not you can change your ad ASAP so you don’t waste your advertising budget.

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How do I get a Facebook Pixel?

Step 1 – To get your very own FB Pixel you need to create one in Business Manager. See Full Instructions here

  1. Go To Ad Manager> Menu>Pixels

Create a Pixel In FB

  1. Click Create a Pixel

Click create pixel

3.Name Your Pixel

Name Your FB Pixel



Step 2 – Put The Pixel onto your Website
  1. Click Copy & Paste the Code
  2. Copy the base Pixel Code into the header code of your website <head>. We installed the Insert Headers & Footers Plugin to help us with this
copy the code into your website

3. Create an events code. Click here to help you select the right code for your website.Past into <head> of your website (we used the Install Headers & Footers Plugin as above).

Paste the Pixel into your website

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

4. To verify Your Pixel is working, first Install the Pixel Helper.

Install the Chrome Pixel Helper


5. Verify Your Pixel is Working

Verify Your Pixel is working

And You’re Done!


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