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How To Use Keywords To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts

Want MORE Traffic to your Blog? Do you know what to write about? Learn how to use keywords to write SEO blog posts. It’s easier than you think!


SEO Perfect Blog Posts

When I first started writing blog posts on my Teaching Resources  Blog “Talking Points”  I just wrote about anything and everything related to teaching.

I was keen to share my enthusiasm and knowledge about teaching through my ramblings. I did not know how to use keywords to write SEO optimized Blog Posts, that was for sure!

Don’t get me wrong the content was good and very worthy of sharing.  But I just didn’t know how to utilize blogging tools of the trade to get eyeballs on my content.

I was blissfully unaware that the blog posts that I saw in a Google search didn’t get there by accident. In fact they were strategically written using keywords and followed an intentional Search Engine Optimized (SEO) format.

How to Write THe Perfect Blog Post*this post contains affiliate links. TBS may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you for referring your purchase.


How NOT To Write Blog Posts

In my early ‘Blogging’ days my blog was a great example of “how NOT to Blog”. I worked really hard to try and make the post look pretty using bolded random words and sentences.

Can’t believe that I even added H1, H2, H3 and H4 headings haphazardly throughout the blog post, because I liked the font! Silly me, I did not know how to use keywords to write a Google ranking blog post that would get me lots of readers!

My blogging inexperience didn’t stop there. Often I didn’t have any graphics or images in the posts and if I did it was usually a very badly lit and cropped photo.

My essay writing style was long winded, somewhat boring and very difficult to read on a screen. Are you getting the picture yet? You could say I wasn’t very good at writing a blog post!

And I had the traffic (lack of) to prove it. Sadly my Blog was actually a waste of time!



If you want to increase your blog traffic, SEO, page views and stop wasting your time and efforts you need to make sure you’re blogging like a pro. You need some special tools to help you like Google Analytics and  Google Search Console for bloggers .There’s also some important features you need to have in every blog post, once you get these in then traffic to your your blog will start to skyrocket. You’ll even start making money!


SEO Perfect Blog Posts

How To Use Keywords to write SEO optimized blog posts

This means learning how to use Search Engine Optimization in your web pages and blog posts. If you’re slightly freaked out by this don’t be! Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

DON’T cry or delete all your old post because you didn’t use SEO strategies before. All is not lost you can start optimizing from NOW on and also go into your top 10 posts and start tweaking them. Here’s how to write SEO optimized blog posts.

Or take one of our Bite Sized Video Courses to help you with this and MORE SEO Strategies!

SEO Course For bloggers

Optimize Your Old Existing Blog Posts

To get the most SEO bang for your buck you need to use the keywords that you are already ranking for. You’ll get better results using your keywords rather than using paid Keyword tools, because you are already ranking for these keywords in Google!

How To Find The Keywords You Are Ranking For

Here’s the steps to find the keywords or keyphrases you are ranking for:

  • Log into Your Google Analytics
  • Acquisition
  • Search Console
  • Landing Pages

Using Google Analytics


  • Set the date to Last 30 Days
  • Click the URL of your top post, this is the post you are going to work on first
  • You will be shown the top  search queries (keywords) – Make a note of them these are the keywords you are going to use to optimize your blog post
  • Open the old Blog post

Now use the top 5 Key words in your old blog post to give it a boost!

Set Date Range



Search Engine Optimization is very complicated and can be off putting to Bloggers. You don’t have to be techy to do it and you don’t have to do EVERYTHING to make a difference.

So to keep you from getting bogged down and overwhelmed here’s our Step-By-Step Guide for 5 actionable tasks that you can do straight to boost your SEO.

Here are the top 5 of the places you can start to optimize your existing blog posts by adding these keywords:

  1. Title Tags
  2. Headers & Body Text
  3. Image Alt Tags
  4. Meta Description

1. How To Use Keywords To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts – Blog Post Title (Tags)

One of the best places to incorporate your keywords is into the blog post title. The title or headline is the first thing a search engine bot will read to determine what the post is about. So if you don’t have your key words in it Google won’t know what it’s about and won’t show it in a Google search.

Make sure you DON’T change the permalink (URL) or this will create a broken link, which is one of the worst things you can do for your SEO! I usually add the keywords at the beginning of the old title.


  • Title – Number Recognition
  • SEO Optimized Title includes the keywords “Strategies for teaching” found in my Google Analytics. The new title reads – Clever Strategies For Teaching Number Recognition

Improve Your Heading with SEO




2.How To Use Keywords To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts – Headers & Body Text

Use your keywords throughout the body of your post and in headers. Make sure you use the words in a natural way and Do not keyword stuff. Your focus keyphrase should appear roughly every 150 words or it will work against you and be seen as spam.

Remember that your post should be written for your audience and work on providing reliable trustworthy information.

3.How To Use Keywords To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts – Image Alt Tag

Visuals are an important part of every blog post. They are not just there to look pretty to the reader. An image helps to explain the content and grab the attention of your reader.

Search Engines cannot ‘see’ images like we do. But they can read images with ALT text, this tells the Bots what an image is about. Which also tells the Search Engine what the post is about. If you label your jpeg file img123.jpeg, then you are not optimizing your keywords or SEO. To get better results in Google use your keywords to write you image alt tag. I also use a the Plugin to help me put the right information in the right place without coding.



4.How To Use Keywords To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts – Meta Descriptions

Your meta description is the snippet of text shown in a Google search. It tells the reader what the post is about and helps them to decide if your content is what they are looking for.

Use your keyphrase to make sure readers and the Bots understand what your content is about. Make your Meta description enticing so that it is clickable. It is your only chance to get a reader to click through to your website over somebody else’s. First impressions count so Meta does Really Matter!

5. How To Use Keywords To Write SEO Optimized Blog Posts – URL – New Posts Only!

The Search Engine Bots also read (crawl) the URL of your blog post. This is another way of identifying what your post about everytime you write a new post. Don’t forget, NEVER change the URL on an existing post if you are optimizing it for SEO.



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