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Teacher Blogger School Story

Image of Vikki Longthorn Founder of Teacher Blogger School

Hey There, I’m Vikki, founder of Teacher Blogger School and I’m passionate about my blogging business!

8 years ago, whilst I was teaching, I was a numeracy curriculum leader and coach. One of my roles was to help teachers make changes to their classroom teaching practice and implement new curriculum.

As we all know teachers are amongst the most creative and resourceful humans on the planet, but they are also the most overworked and TIME POOR souls too. So as not to overload them with the changes I found myself creating curriculum documents, planners and teacher resources for them (for free of course) as part of the deal. And guess what they were an absolute smash hit!

Fast forward a couple of years and I found my world falling down around me! My Dream job was taken down a new track  and I found myself suffocating under a new principal. Something that sadly happens to lots of other teachers in the profession. So my Principal, how can I say this diplomatically… hmmm… “was lacking in ability & people skills,” quite honestly made my life so stressful that he drove me to breaking point.  My position was so desperate I found myself  trapped and forced into taking a break from the job I was born to do just to get away from the toxic mess.  Although it was the most heartbreaking decision , after 10 years of teaching, it had to be done.

Now don’t worry, there is a VERY Happy ending!!!

I did return to teaching and leadership a couple of years later and had an amazing career with an exceptional admin team at another school!

But while I was on my break and wondering in the wilderness of “what other jobs can a teacher do?” I found Teachers Pay Teachers! And a NEW venture started A Plus Teaching Resources

I started selling my teaching resources online but quickly realised just loading an awesome product onto the internet doesn’t get it seen!  After some research I realised that I needed to connect with my customers and build my own brand. This needed my own blog & website. And that’s just what I did, very successfully!  

Fast Forward to today my little business has expanded down many avenues and opportunities but centers around 2 teacher resource websites,  and a membership subscription website www.APlusTeacherClub.com

After finding myself oversharing about my business with everyone I met I decided it was time to turn my teacher blogging passion into a coaching business. And Teacher Blogger School was born.

At Teacher Blogger School I share with bloggers, from any niche, how to grow and transform their blogs into online businesses without the need for expensive developers or a degree in tech jargon!

With passion, commitment and an eagerness to back yourself, you can do it too!